Your Drive, Your Music
Your Drive, Your Music
On the road

You can tune into TruckersFM while hauling from A to B.

Just find us on your radio list on ETS2/ATS as "TruckersFM"

In the fields

To listen to us in game on Farming Simulator 2022 (PC)!

Just turn on your radio and scroll through till you find TruckersFM!

On the rails

Crank up TruckersFM while hauling across a vast open world railway in Derail Valley. Just dial the Tune knob on your Boombox to "TruckersFM"!

Behind The Wheel

No matter what you are driving in Motor Town, Let TruckersFM be the soundtrack to your drive! Find us on your car radio.

Music Player

Want to listen to us on the go?

You can use this listen.pls to listen to us on pretty much any notable music player!

On the go

Listen to us on the go via any device on our spectacular mobile website!

Click "Add to Homescreen" for an app-like experience!

In Discord

Invite our discord bot to your server so you and your friends can all listen along!

Invite it here, with more information about how to use it here

On your smart devices

Got a fancy smart speaker? Tune in to TruckersFM with your sexy voice!

Just say "Hey Alexa"/"Hey Google"... "Play TruckersFM"

Download our Alexa Skill!

On Your Twitch Stream

Add the Twitch Extension to your panel to let your viewers know the song/DJ!

Click here to add it!


Have a device that has TuneIn available? You can listen to us on there!

Find out the devices you can use here.